Secure Storage

Under the Firearms Rules 1998, a prescribed safekeeping condition is attached to all firearm and shotgun certificates. It is an offence not to comply with a maximum penalty for up to 6 months in prison, or a fine, or both.

The safekeeping condition attached to firearms or shotgun certificates requires that the guns and section 1 ammunition must be stored securely to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, unauthorised people taking or using them. Any other person who does not hold a firearm or shotgun certificate is included in the term ‘unauthorised’. When a gun or section 1 ammunition is being used or the holder has the gun with him for some purpose connected with its use, transfer or sale, reasonable precautions must be taken for the safe custody of the gun(s) and section 1 ammunition.

Secure Storage

If you need to safely store your gun or firearms, we can help you with premier gun storage facilities which allows for storage of all types of firearms. Security is the number one priority, complying with all police and Home Office regulations.

We can provide a controlled environment for storing guns in the UK, and any other equipment you require at the standard they were brought to us in.

We give you the assurance that your guns are safe and well looked after while you’re not shooting. Your guns are stored in a protected, humidity controlled armoury.

Whether you are moving house or you have a lapsed gun licence, we can help by safely storing your gun or firearms until you need them back.

We can store your guns for a few days, months or on a much longer term basis.