Repairs & Servicing

Firearms require ongoing maintenance. Like any mechanism they are prone to wear and tear and from time to time items need to be replaced.

Our fully qualified gunsmith provides an extensive repair and maintenance service at our workshop in Sussex.

We undertake repairs on guns and restoration projects all receiving the same attention to detail from our master craftsman.


We can help with any common problems such as issues with firing pins, mainsprings, lock problems including broken springs, tumblers, swivels and broken parts; ejection problems; single trigger problems; faulty safety catches; re-jointing and tightening, re-barrelling and replacement of any lost or broken parts.

We also carry out a broad array of action repairs, modifications, and refurbishment and can help you with gun fitting, altering stocks to specific measurements or made-to-measure stock.

Firearms Overhaul and Clean

Our end of season overhaul can be tailored to meet all your requirements. Whether it’s a basic check, or something more complicated:

  • End of season overhaul
  • Basic safety inspection
  • Ultrasonic cleaning