Repairs & Servicing

Firearms require ongoing maintenance. Like any mechanism they are prone to wear and tear and from time to time items need to be replaced.

We can make recommendations to you as to where is the most suitable gunsmith for you to take your firearm to for any specialist works including any engraving, stock, barrel or mechanism works that are required.


Common problems such as issues with firing pins, mainsprings, lock problems, broken springs, tumblers, swivels and broken parts; ejection problems; single trigger problems; faulty safety catches; re-jointing and tightening, re-barrelling and replacement of any lost or broken parts.

Firearms Overhaul and Cleaning

An end of season overhaul should always be carried out by you on all of your firearms on top of your normal end of day cleaning.

Please see the below educational video (made and downloaded onto youtube by a third party) to give you a general idea of the type of regular cleaning that you should be carrying out.