About SFB Firearms

SFB Systems is a specialist firearms supplier located in Sussex (UK) and trade both domestically and internationally.  We can supply firearms to licenced individuals, provide maintenance and secure storage facilities for firearms, supply non lethal equipment to police forces and supply military grade weapons to international security and military forces (subject to licence / police and Home office checks).

SFB Systems sell both new and second-hand Firearms and provide assistance and recommendations for those looking at starting out. For those more specialist Section items we hold or can obtain a variety of suitable Shotguns, pistols and rifles.

For those interested in applying for section 7.1 and 7.3 items we advise that you have a look at our section marked Legal notes.

For a fuller overview and a description of what is involved, SFB recommend that you contact the NRA (nra.org.uk) or click on the link to the HBSA website at hbsa-uk.org

We are a UK Home Office Approved Firearms Dealer for firearms and ammunition operating across the globe with both indirect and direct links with international manufactures and suppliers.

Repairs, Servicing, Storage, Deactivation, Import and Export

As well as selling new and second-hand firearms, we can make recommendations to you with regards to repairs, servicing, storage, import and export of firearms.

Registered Firearms Dealer (RFD) Sussex 4764        Registered Company number 12072306